About Me

Ever since I was little, I have been in love with sports. Whether I was playing or watching, sports has always been an addiction. It was a gateway to my dreams of being a pro athlete, something that I’m sure every child has dreamt of at some point in their lives. As time goes on though, reality sets in and high school games quickly just become pick up games in the park with your buddies. Sports turn into an event you watch on your couch rather than something that you practice day after day. They become a topic of discussion at the office, at the bar, or even during that awkward first time you meet your girlfriend’s father. Wherever it may be, the addiction that we both had as children has now grown into an obsession, one that can only be itched through constant consumption of highlights, stats, and games.

The premise of this blog is to give you that fix through some of the most forgotten names in sports history. An obscure athlete is one that just could never seem to get over the hump in true relevancy. One that sticks in the back of your mind and only really enters the forefront of your brain when someone else mentions them. The beauty of the obscure athlete is that there are so many that it is impossible to remember them all. It gives us fans something to always talk about, something to always reminisce on. My goal is to connect your own inner obscure athlete to these professional ones.

Thank you for being part of this ever on-going discussion. Here’s to the best forgotten athletes that made our childhoods and the ones that’ll make adulthood not so terrible. 

William Monast